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«Philosophie entsteht nie aus und nie durch Wissenschaft.» #heidegger . Gilt auch für Theologie

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Forslag til årets nyord 2017: ord delings feil #nyord2017


Sitat fra Cutrofello om Lyotard og «auto-translating»:

«Those capable of buying wage labor and of extracting its surplus value ‘speak’ the language of capital in that they describe the contractual relations between buyers and sellers of wage labor as ones freely entered into by both parties. By contrast, those forced to sell their wage labor ‘speak’ the language of exploitation, defining the relation between buyers and sellers as one that is based on coercion. It is impossible for those who speak the language of the exploited to express their claim in the language of capital, because the latter translates statements about exploitation into statements about contractual exchange. The ‘alienation’ of wage-labor can therefore be characterised as the different that condemns workers not only to suffering but to silence.»

Fikk meg til å tenke på pornobransjen.

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«Wissen aber heißt: in der Wahrheit stehen können.» #Heidegger

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«Im Wort, in der Sprache werden und sind erst die Dinge.» #Heidegger

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Writing, alrighting

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Religion is hypersensitivity